Brian Clarke and Linda McCartney: Collaborations

16 May - 30 October 1998


Brian Clarke and Linda McCartney: Collaborations was a travelling exhibition of the ‘Collaborations’ panels, staged at the Musée suisse du vitrail et des arts du verre from 31 August 1997 to 26 April 1998, and at the Deutsches Glasmalerei-Museum from 16 May to 30 October 1998.

A 1998 article in Crafts magazine, 'Photographs on Glass: Linda McCartney's Last Work with Brian Clarke', writes:

‘Brian Clarke and Linda McCartney are both names to conjure with. Between the late 60s and her untimely death in April, McCartney established a solid reputation as a world-class photographer with an enormous number of exhibitions to her credit, including a solo show at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and six books of photographs of which 'Sixties: Portrait of an Era' and 'Roadworks' are probably the best known. For his part Clarke has revolutionised the way stained glass is now perceived, turning a craft with a reputation for ecclesiastical stuffiness and outmoded iconography into an architectural art vibrantly in tune with the times.’