The Paul McCartney New World Tour

1992 - 1993

Brian Clarke created stage sets and projections, including collaged biographical pictures by Linda McCartney, and a photographic history of stained glass, for Paul McCartney's New World Tour between 1992 and 1993. The hand-painted sets, undertaken on canvas and on acoustically transparent scrim, were the world's largest-ever stage sets, and Clarke's largest ever paintings, together spanning 1,524 square metres. These sets built on Clarke's designs for McCartney's previous world tour, and their past collaborations on his covers for albums Tug of War and Flowers in the Dirt.

Clarke explains in 2020,

‘...the projections included a collage I made of photographs of my favourite works in stained glass from the 11th century to the present day, used by Paul as the backdrop to Let It Be. Somehow the imagery and the rolling depth of colour across the enormous stage morphed perfectly with the religious mood that is always provoked when one listens to that remarkable song... the designs for Let It Be were an opportunity to propagate the cause of stained glass in a unique way, to a huge number of people.’