The Glass Heart: Art, Industry & Collaboration

27 January - 21 April 2024


The Glass Heart at Two Temple Place explores over 170 years of UK glass art and production. This exhibition draws together over 100 glass artworks from artists including Edward Burne-Jones, John Piper, and Brian Clarke. Curated by writer and curator Antonia Harrison, it is produced in collaboration with the National Glass Centre Sunderland, The Stained Glass Museum, Ely, and Stourbridge Glass Museum.

Spanning both art and industry, The Glass Heart reveals how regional styles and social narratives have shaped glassmaking in the UK, from the surge in interest in glass following the 1851 Great Exhibition through to the contemporary artists who continue to challenge preconceived notions of the medium today. These diverse works invite visitors to contemplate the medium’s capacity to encapsulate stories that resonate with our human condition, from the mythological to the personal.

The Glass Heart: Art, Industry & Collaboration