Yaguara Cachaça Bottle


Clarke's award-winning design for the packaging of Yaguara Cachaça, an ultra-premium spirit, "taking inspiration from the Roman patterns used by landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx on the Copacabana promenade."

'A new bottle developed by O-I (Owens-Illinois, Inc.) for cachaça spirit maker Yaguara has debuted in Brazil. The bottle was created for the new ultra-premium spirit through a design partnership between UK artist Brian Clarke, the O-I Covet™ team and Yaguara. The new bottle creates a differentiated shelf presence to support Yaguara’s high-end positioning for its cachaça brand in the global market, which is a high proof, cane-based spirit and the national spirit of Brazil. This is the first commercial collaboration for Clarke, one of the world's most famous stained glass artists. "This project has given me the chance to celebrate the artistry of glass with a global audience," said Clarke. “The bottle's form is familiar, but its radical exterior hints at the elixir within, a promise of all that makes life enjoyable."'