Schadow Arkaden, Düsseldorf

Schadow Arkaden Complex, Königsallee, Düsseldorf, Germany


Stained glass and mosaic by Brian Clarke for Schadow Arkaden, Düsseldorf, Germany, part of a programme of artworks located throughout the complex, designed by architect Walter Brune and conceived as a Stadtgalerie. The involvement of artists, including Otto Piene, Brian included several interventions and architecturally-integrated works within the distinctive domes and cupolas of the retail centre. The stained glass was designed to form the glazing of an atrial rooflight, a single composition of 270 square metres (2906 sq feet) for Rheinishe Bergische Druckerei. This faceted cupola has an additional nocturnal presence. Brian also made designs and painted, collaged maquettes for a proposed artwork for another of the centre's skylights; this stained glass was not executed. In 1994, a hand-cut glass mosaic ceiling was designed by Brian for one of the entrances, in the final phase of the project.

"The stained glass composition for this small luxury shopping complex in Düsseldorf orbits the perimeter of a facetted rooflight. A maximum amount of natural light is allowed into this atrium space through the use of a central clear area in the artwork. In fine weather the coloured eaves distribute splashes of reds, greens and blues across the marble floor. The mosaic ceiling by Clarke, at the Martin Luther Platz street entrance to the Schadow Arkaden, Dusseldorf’s fashionable and most recent shopping focal point, is the culmination of a two stage project for the Artist. In 1993 Clarke completed the installation of the rectangular stained glass rooflight above the shopping court. Its primal colour scheme is gridded into bands of orange, green and blue with an under-layer of moving blue. This forms a swathe of colours which are interchanging background to a theme of twisting, exuberant, amorphic shapes which dance around the composition. The artwork is fabricated in the traditional manner, using hand-cut Venetian glass smalti."