The 1990 ‘C’ Collages


The 'C' Collages are a series of mixed media works on paper executed by Brian Clarke in 1990. United by their use of a gridded system – the hand-cut squares in the acrylic-painted surface revealing a secondary layer of colour beneath, on a separate painted sheet of Velin Arches – they are characterised by the signature amorphic forms that preoccupied him at the time and a heraldic use of colour. The 'C' Collages contain fragments of line drawings, gouache, newsprint, card cut-outs, torn paper, collaged Indian miniatures and other elements introduced over or in contrast to the regular matrix. The series was exhibited in two parts: half at the Seibu Museum of Art, Tokyo, in 1990, and half at the Mayor Gallery, London, in the show Into and Out of Architecture in the same year.