Floating Ideas, 2018


I was in Seville, and I had a poetry book and I left it out in the sun. And the sun burnt the glue on the spine, and the wind blew the pages into the pool, and it looked beautiful. It just looked beautiful. So it was like it wasn’t my idea really: it was God’s [laughs] – I just copied him. I have a book of poetry called the Oxford Book of English Poems, I think it was edited by John Hayward, and I bought it when I was at Burnley Art School. Or I might have nicked it from the bookshop down me pants, I used to do that. And it’s been with me ever since I was a teenager, and all the pages in that screen I insisted were from that book, they had to be absolutely copied from it.” – Brian

The 4-sectioned version of ‘Floating Words’ has 37 pages of Brian’s favourite poems screenprinted onto its mouthblown glass panels. The version in 6 sections was made especially for the installation in Norman Foster’s Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, where it was exhibited through 2018 in The Art of Light. Stained glass screen in an edition of 10 unique variants plus 3 artist's proofs, published by and available from HENI.