Order & Chaos (Notting Hill), 2018


I regularly move my stained glass screens around the house. In ‘Order and Chaos’, I enjoy the detailed layers of the wisteria brush strokes contrasting with the English red brick grid etched from ruby glass. Notting Hill is known for its remarkable number of old wisterias entirely covering the Georgian and Victorian terraces, winding through cast iron railings and across brick walls. Bricks and wisteria always appear together in my imagination. Sometimes at home the light is so intense and reflects off so many surfaces that for a couple of hours it almost changes the nature of this screen. It’s almost like looking into the beginning of the world when you look into a piece of mouth-blown bubbled glass, moving from orange through to red. The very liquid nature of stained glass, of light coming through that extraordinary material, is like the essence of the world." – Brian

Stained glass screen in an edition of 10 unique variants plus 3 artist's proofs, published by and available from HENI.