Blue Computergram (Hamburg), 2017


"Blue Computergram is a complex exercise in pattern generation. Each panel essentially consists of four pattern formations, which are repeated across the twelve panels, turned upside-down and reversed. The result is a vibrant, gridded formation of red, pink and yellow on a ground of blues. This is conceptual pointillism perhaps; the imagery hangs tantalisingly between the natural and artificial, conveying the feeling of a landscape affected by computerisation. The artist tells us that the imagery comes largely from Blue Computergram, an earlier series of paintings done for the Olympus Building in Hamburg. He was keen to explore in stained glass the ideas expressed in the painting, but at the time it wasn’t possible." – author and curator Paul Greenhalgh in The Art of Light.

Stained glass screen in an edition of 10 unique variants plus 3 artist's proofs, published by and available from HENI.