Blue and White Computergram series


Blue Computergram and White Computergram are a series of unique, modular works in oil paint screenprinted on canvas and individually overpainted by the artist, each 76cm square. The Blue Computergram works were a group of forty canvases printed at Kelpra Studios, London (printers of Clarke's classic series The Two Cultures, the 'Olympus prints', and other works), exhibited as a single monumental painting at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in 1981. First worked out through a series of studies in India ink on Velin Arches, the artist made a number of independent, modular Blue Computergram assemblages of varying sizes from these forty. A twenty-four unit Blue Computergram painting was commissioned by Olympus for their European headquarters in Hamburg. Other groupings of the RIBA canvases were exhibited at the Sezon Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, and at the Yao Seibu Hall, Osaka, in 1987. Olympus also commissioned two White Computergram paintings as part of the scheme for their headquarters: one a composition comprising twenty-four canvases, and the other an almost entirely overpainted set of sixteen, which Clarke worked on in situ, their geometric shapes just visible through a thickening cloud of white oil paint.