Pfizer World Headquarters Facade, 2000

Pfizer Building, 235 East 42nd Street, Manhattan, New York, USA


In 2000, Brian was commissioned by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to produce an architectural art solution for the exterior of their World Headquarters in Manhattan. He produced an artwork, running the length of the Emery Roth & Sons-designed skyscraper's street level facade along both 42nd Street and 2nd Avenue, extending and developing the theme established in his earlier mosaic and stained glass scheme for the interior.

"One of a series of ground-floor windows occupying the length of the 42nd Street and 2nd Avenue elevations of the Pfizer building, whose Arp-like shapes were based on details, photographed by Clarke, of the amorphs he had designed in mouth-blown antique glass for the first (interior) phase of the Pfizer scheme in 1996-97. The close-up photographs were digitally enlarged and the new designs made in huge sheets of float glass – stained glass designs referencing raw glass." – art historian Martin Harrison in the monograph 'Brian Clarke: Transillumination'.