CDJ Sketchbook


The CDJ sketchbooks comprise several of Clarke’s sketchbooks, filled over around seven years, with drawings, paintings, photographs and collage of a single subject. Selections from the CDJ sketchbooks were published as the standalone book Christophe, and published as one of the seven volumes in Clarke’s WORK.

Christophe is a tribute to the male form. The book charts the progress of the ambiguous, eponymous youth as his representation weaves through photographs, collages, watercolours and pencil drawings from Clarke’s CDJ sketchbooks. Juxtaposing erotic drawings, newspaper clippings, hotel stationery, and photos of foliage and marble sculptures, Clarke explores how the overlappings and gaps between these media shape the representation of a character. A self-contained work on its own, Christophe is also a compact version of one of the seven volumes from Clarke's WORK, published by Steidl, which presents the diversity of Clarke’s sketchbooks in the context of his finished artworks such as stained glass, oil paintings and mosaics.