'Don't Forget the Lamb (Obverse)'


"Don’t Forget the Lamb (Obverse), a nearly eight-foot-tall rose window, inverts the typical ratios of glass to lead, with highly-saturated panels of colored glass piercing a predominately opaque field. “His new rose window in lead and glass can be interpreted as a scaled-down re-visioning of the medieval glazing that initially inspired him as a youth: its celestial, rhapsodic imagery, arcadian and celebratory, fixes him in what is doubtless a congenial place, as the quintessential Gothic Modernist,” writes Martin Harrison. “Clarke has appropriated the window’s pattern as a template for drawings, as a basis for linear extemporization, and now for a lead framework into which he has introduced his glass. The window may be read as a rippled sunset flower set in a leafy, dappled surround; white birds fly out from this cluster, their wings mimicking the Gothic lines.”'