Apax World Headquarters

33 Jermyn Street, Mayfair, London


Brian Clarke's architectural installation for Apax Partners’ headquarters in London's Jermyn Street was completed at the end of November 2007. The work for their lobby comprises a back-lit stained glass screen and a large multi-panel work on canvas; in the earliest studies a mosaic floor was considered, with samples fabricated in Venetian glass smalti. A large multi-panel oil painting, titled 'Hovering There' is hung facing the street in the lobby, and is based on the shimmering colour of an English bluebell wood in May. The stained glass, like the painting, is about “hovering colour”, points of light like will o’ the wisp among foliage. Clarke worked out his ideas for the project through a series of sketchbooks and multiple studies and related but independent works in oil, acrylic and collage were produced throughout 2007, when the bluebell wood was one of Clarke's principal preoccupations.

The polyptych painting 'Hovering There' measures 330 x 360 cm, and the Apax stained glass, in two sections, measures 270 x 660 cm and 270 x 840 cm.