Hanover Terrace Gesamtkunstwerk

The Regent's Park, London, England


A small-scale project in a private home in a John Nash terrace.

The vision for the project was located in Brian's ideology of Gesamtkunswerk, "all-embracing work of art", where the wide range of media in which he works harmonise to become a three-dimensional creation: a specially-designed carpet leads the visitor from ground to first floor via a sweeping staircase, to a room with stained glass fanlight, windows and skylight, an interrelated Venetian glass smalti mosaic floor, painted and gold leaf-covered panels and cast-bronze door handles, all connected through by Clarke's signature calligraphic line. The mosaic artwork continues onto the floor and across the walls of the bathroom, where a stained glass window with a text by Baudelaire, rendered in the owner's handwriting, transmits blue light across the mosaic. It fulfils the Austrian owner's brief of turning an unpreposessing corner of a fine house into an encompassing artistic event reminiscent of the Wiener Werkstatte.