Flowers for New York: A Tribute to New York in Stained Glass and Canvas

23rd January 2002 to 7th April 2002

Steuben Gallery, Corning, New York


When, in the late summer of last year, Michel Witmer first approached me about the possibility of collaborating with the Corning Gallery at Steuben on an exhibition for January 2002 it seemed unlikely that such a project could be organised in time. I was particularly intrigued by Corning's historical involvement with Matisse and Cocteau and longed to co-operate in the idea but the lead up time simply didn’t seem sufficient.

After September 11th, along with most of the rest of the world, I was lost in a confusion of sadness that followed the attack on New York. I was unable to offer real tangible help to the city I have both loved and intermittently lived in since 1974. I found myself sending flowers to New York friends, an involuntary desire to make contact. It occurred to me that if for a while I dropped everything I might, with the collaboration of Steuben, be able send a few flowers to New York itself, gently and without fuss; as one might to a much loved friend who has been suffering. These are my flowers. They come from the heart. They go, I hope, to the heart, without any desire other than to show a shared affection for a people and a city for whom I feel so much goodwill.” – Brian Clarke, London, 2002