Architectural Stained Glass


Edited by Brian Clarke. Published by McGraw-Hill, New York, by John Murray in London, and by Architectural Record Books, with a total of 18 editions in 3 languages in the year of its release.

With essays by Clarke, Johannes Schreiter, Robert Sowers, John Piper, Martin Harrison and others.

ISBN-13: 9780070112643

"Architectural Stained Glass is unique. Not merely a history of the art, this work emphasizes stained glass as a constructivist art form, making it exceptionally useful for architects. For the first time, the medium is taken out of its medieval ecclesiastical context, and put into a contemporary framework, both secular and architectonic. In chronicling what has been done by the post-War school of contemporary artists, the book crusades to liberate the medium from its position of minor historical art. As these artists show through their stunning designs, their innovations remain unsurpassed in the history of stained glass. The contributors to the books are some of the foremost artists, critics, and scholars in the field of stained glass. Johannes Schreiter, artist and Professor of Fine Art in Frankfurt, was one of the first to explore the use of lead as a 'graphic and autonomous theme.' Martin Harrison, author of several art history books, acted as Director of the Glass/Light Exhibition at the Festival of the City of London, and is currently curator of the Ely Cathedral's Stained Glass Museum. Besides having written numerous articles on the subject, Robert Sowers is the author of 'Stained Glass: Lost Art'. John Piper, the painter, has had many one-man shows, and his work is represented in most of the major collections throughout the world. His architectural stained glass can be seen in buildings throughout the U.K. and elsewhere. Patrick Reyntiens, author of the definitive text on the craft, 'The Technique of Stained Glass', is currently serving as advisor to the Decoration of Westminster Cathedral and Brompton Oratory. He is the head of the Department of Fine Art of the Central School of Art in London and a member of the Court of the Royal College of Art. Marcel Coulon-Rigaud, the well known European art critic, writes regularly for the magazine, Glasforum. These renowned figures provide fascinating reading for the professional, academician, and layman alike." Architectural Record Books