Vespers is a series of works on paper, principally paintings in watercolour on Velin Arches. Created in the evenings between May 2019 and the end of the first period of lockdown in 2020, the works are experiments into the nature of paint and liquid colour: gathered together, art critic Robert Storr writes in the introduction to the catalogue, Vespers, they make “an explosive bouquet of natural beauty at its most ephemeral” – the series’ almost-daily investigation capturing an intimate portrait of the times.

On the surface of it, they’re paintings of poppies, but they’re a bit more urgent than poppies are generally — aggressive, some of them. I wouldn’t want to spend the night with some, but others I’ve fallen in love with. They are devotions, a repeated action of putting down the best of yourself to share – as near as a post-Darwinian realist can get to saying a prayer.” – Brian