St James's

St James's Park, London


Commissioned for a private home in 2016, and completed in 2019, the St James' project is one of Clarke's most significant interiors. The initial brief for a mosaic floor developed via his ideology of Gesamtkunstwerk, or total art, into a scheme for an entrance hall conceived as an artwork and environment in itself, with his bronze, stained glass, paintings, mosaic and ceramics pulling the space and adjoining rooms into a linked whole, the mosaic floor continuing through the entrance hall into a bathroom and the adjacent elevator, both with backlit stained ceilings. A stained glass sliding screen of daffodils and cornflowers acts as a room-divider in the adjacent living area/kitchen. On an external patio overlooking St James's Park, a major mosaic work of Clarke's is installed: the 2010 Castlemaine House Mosaic, which was executed for the patrons at a previous location. When they moved to their new home, they had the mosaic surveyed and removed by a team of mosaicists and conservators, and reinstalled at St James's.