Linköping Cathedral

Linköpings Domkyrka, Sweden


In 2005, Brian designed two suites of stained glass windows for the transept of Linköping Cathedral, Sweden, a 13th century Gothic building, one of which was installed in 2010: a three-light window on the north side of the transept, and another on the south. Fired into the glass of one of the south window's lights is a silkscreened photograph of a first Communion, and an image of a dove, from Brian's photographic studies of doves in flight, is fired into the glass of the north. The complementary suite of windows, designed for the cathedral's Thomas Beckett Chapel, remain unexecuted.

The window on the north side (the window of the Spirit) has its diamond quarries penetrated by a dove flying against the sky and clouds. In the southern window (the Son’s window) nature, in the form of decorative oak leaves, breaks through the rhombic pattern and creates a dramatic change. But above all it is the strong colours that carry the artwork. It is a colouristic effect that reverts to the medieval stained glass windows that created a splendour of colour in cathedrals like Linköping in the Middle Ages, whose windows were destroyed by fires during the 16th century. The new stained glass windows give a clue as to what was lost, while being a unique Swedish artistic work for our own time.” – Gunnar Lindkvist, former head of Östergötland Museum.

"When I started working in the medium of stained glass, it was a dying art. I knew from a very early age that the future of the medium would only be assured if it had an application in public buildings and was not limited to ecclesiastical architecture. I looked for opportunities in all kinds of public buildings and declined opportunities in the church. I fought for that and continue to fight for that. It's a lifelong pilgrimage. Churches only call on me if they want me to do something challenging and exciting. As a consequence, with a long history behind me of substantial secular and public works, I feel now that I can re-engage occasionally, working in the church and giving it my best on a level that it deserves and I demand." – Brian