Peel Cottage Window, 1982



The first Peel Cottage Window (1982), a predominately green, reticular work: "This was the first of the three works I’ve designed for the same window in my home studio/living room. It comes from a particular period in my work, when I was very preoccupied with the grid and ways of undermining it. Grids have always been a source of pleasure for me, probably because they deliver a reliable basis for art to challenge the idea of the constant. If you begin with order, disruption or even chaos will inevitably follow. At the time, I was listening to Ligeti, plus Brian Eno and Kraftwerk, both of whom I worked with. I was appropriating the musical ideas of repetitive structural rhythms being punctuated by sounds that leap free from a matrix. I listened to this kind of music while I was working: Norman Foster and I had many stimulating conversations on the implications of this idea to architecture. Now this window is on loan to The Stained Glass Museum, in Ely Cathedral, and I have the fleur-de-lys window in its place." – Brian, 2019