Center Villa Lobos

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Architect: Julio Neves. Sao Paulo, Brazil; unexecuted. 21,700 square feet of stained glass and 33,800 square feet of Roman mosaic and ceramic.

"The intensity of downtown São Paulo is difficult to describe to those who don't know it. Somewhere between Charles Dickens' 'Hard Times' and Ridley Scott's 'Bladerunner', the frenzied complexity of this ultimate urban experience needs to be both acknowledged and contrasted. This is just the beginning of that task. The musician Heitor Villa Lobos combined folk tradition with avant-garde composition. This new center in São Paulo, located by the university, is named after him. The gigasntic external mosaic and the skylights are all an attempt to bring something of contemporary and historical São Paulo into a transparent fusion of colour. Using ciphers particular to Villa Lobos, the plectrum and the guitar, I've made here a first attempt at creating a canopy of flickering, translucent interconnected shapes that replicate the impact of a net of foliage suspended above a forest." – Brian, 1998.