Gridline I & II


The two Gridline screens are autonomous stained glass works, executed in 1990. Gridline I – executed stained glass, the collage and watercolour design, and Brian supervising the assembly of the piece at the opening of his exhibition ‘Into and out of Architecture’ at the Mayor Gallery in 1990; artwork in 9 panels, 303 x 353 cm, in the collection of Stadtmuseum Langen. The blue portion of Gridline I is a hugely enlarged area of Brian’s 1980 screenprint Time Lag Zero – designed to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Olympus U.K. and, like his paintings of the same title, based on the light metering computergram in the OM2 and OM10 cameras – fired onto the glass. Each square of the grid in the design was cut by Brian by hand.

In his collaborations with architects, Brian Clarke has helped to redeem stained glass from generations of neglect. Fortified by the friendship and patronage of, inter alia, John Piper and Norman Foster, Clarke is rare among British artists in being committed to the applied as well as fine arts — above all to stained glass, of which he has come to be widely regarded as a master.” – text by Roger Berthoud, photograph of Gridline's installation by Peter Mcdiarmid, from a 1990 article in The Independent.