Holocaust Memorial Synagogue (Neue Synagoge) Darmstadt



The Neue Synagoge ("New Synagogue") is the synagogue, community centre, and museum of the Jewish community (J├╝dische Gemeinde) in Darmstadt. Constructed in 1988 for the 50th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the complex was designed to fulfil the needs of the city's Jewish population, who had been without a place of worship since the 1938 pogrom when Darmstadt's three synagogues were destroyed. Built according to plans by Alfred Jacoby, Brian designed and fabricated the suite of twelve stained glass windows, each six metres high, the stained glass dome, and the Torah ark, of carved wood and hand-painted ceramic tiles. The complex, also known as the Holocaust Memorial Synagogue, is located on the site of the city's former Gestapo headquarters.

The windows were a gift from the wider community of Darmstadt to the Jewish community, with the money for their design and fabrication raised through a citizen's initiative, "Synagogue '88", from donations and a benefit concert given by violinist Yehudi Menuhin.