The Art of Light 2020 - Museum of Arts and Design

21st March 2020 to 23rd August 2020

Museum of Arts and Design, 2 Columbus Circle, New York City

Press release from the Museum of Arts and Design for The Art of Light


"...A range of styles and improbable themes that challenge the preconceptions of anyone who supposes modern glass work to be nothing more than a pretty decoration. In the “Seville” series, sun-drenched oranges are so luscious against a deep blue that you could eat them.The tumbling shapes of “Flowers for Zaha” or “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out”, with oak leaves in yellows and oranges tipping into reds, glow with intensity. But while Clarke talks about some of his work as “abstracted Arcadian landscapes in celebration of an as yet undefined optimism”, he also tackles less promising subjects.

In his “The Office for the Dead” series he turns the art on its head by not always using glass. Instead, skulls are picked out in scribbles of molten lead in a sort of macabre graffiti on sheets of forbidding matt-black lead. When he does introduce a splash of glass, it serves to accentuate the darkness. “Don’t Forget the Lamb”, a moving tribute to his ailing mother, includes the work that gives the series its title: an uncompromising expanse of lead, with a skeleton, an uneven patch of colour depicting fleur-de-lys, and a note from his mother, like a Post-it on a fridge door: 'Don’t forget the lamb'." – The luminous stained glass of Brian Clarke, exhibition review in the Financial Times.